This is something everyone should do, and I wish I had kept doing it. I played bassoon and clarinet in band through middle school, high school, and college. I was in marching band with the clarinet as well – what a rush, to be in step with a hundred other people out in front!

I also played the soprano, alto, and tenor recorders at one point, and thanks to my stepmom, I got to try piano with six weeks of lessons. Like my father, I enjoyed Baroque music because of its measured complexity. Baroque is like a house with two front porch pillars at either end – stable and secure. That’s how it makes me feel to play the music, too.

I have my grandfather’s violin – he made and played several throughout his life in the bluegrass tradition. Hee Haw was one of his favorite shows. Sadly, I never learned to play.

I gave away my clarinet to a music school after realizing how many years I had let it languish in a closet. But I still have my own and my father’s recorders, and would love to pull them out again when I am not living in an apartment. I just feel too self conscious, and maybe I shouldn’t. As a 13-year old kid, I would climb the tree in the back yard and play my recorder up there. That’s the spirit!

My husband does some amazing electronic music mixing with Garage Band and Traktor. I love trance and ambient, so that suits me fine. One of his partial songs has a very haunting repeating melody that has stuck with me for a long time.

There’s something wonderful about musical people. The very act of playing music is sharing with others, and it’s a beautiful thing.