Making food for others is just as creative as drawing, writing, gardening, or coloring. The act of intending good things while making decisions and doing things can make you happy.

I’ll admit that, a lot of the time, cooking stresses me out. I think it’s the timing that does so, and that can’t be helped. Everything burns, freezes, rots, melts, or dries out! Food is ephemeral, like a sand painting. I enjoy cooking for just a few people at a time, and if I keep the menu simple, it’s wonderful.

My father was a wonderful cook – he did all the meal planning and cooked most of the family meals. The Thanksgiving turkey was always his contribution. Dad was a nerd in the kitchen – he measured everything, documented everything. The recipe was followed to the letter the first time – no excuses. The first thing he taught me was scrambled eggs.

He got me started with a recipe database called Mastercook. The program still exists, but is suffering from a long slow death due to poor user experience. The die-hard Mastercook lovers refuse to let it die, though.

One of Dad’s Mastercook recipes – Cumin Roasted Sweet Root Vegetables from his cookbook titled “Here’s the Grub, Bub”. That’s his cameo pic in the top right. 🙂